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A Fresh Start – Back Trading


Well, my finances have recovered slightly and I’m back in the game. As of tomorrow, I’m investing $500 in Banc De Binary – That $500 will be doubled to $1000 with the signup bonus so I shall have a nice balance to play with. I’ve been researching the best brokers and Banc De Binary are consistently reviewed as being the best. I’ve had a good chat with one of the advisors there and he’s filled me full of confidence.

To help me with signals and to help learn how to trade properly, I’ve also signed up with Binary Options Free or Intellitraders – They’re going to give me pro signals to advise me on my trades and I look forward to the 75% return rate they promise. I shall keep you informed of how the trading goes. I have decided to tweet all my results so you’ll be able to see for yourselves, how, on a daily basis, my profit / loss goes.

Spam Alert!

I receive tons of daily spam in my inbox, as do most people I imagine… It gets very frustrating and I happened to open an email from an unknown sender on Monday morning, offering me $4000 a week without a website. I have previously sought out get-rich-quick schemes on the net though most have proved pretty worthless. This mail intrigued me though and I clicked through on the link and came through to a website http://oriscashsystem.com I liked the look of it and decided to see what it was about. Binary Options Trading. It was a new concept to me and I began the road to discovering what it was all about. I had run a demo account on a Swiss forex trading site about 8 years ago so knew a little bit about the financial trading markets on the internet. I searched around for more information on the net and pretty soon, after watching a few elementary youtube videos on how to trade, decided it was time to take the plunge and give it a go. I discovered an easy financial system whereby you double up on your trades if they lose. I am aware of such systems being used at the casino for roulette especially and also blackjack. I know they can be dangerous. I used to be a professional internet poker player and made much cash from that so gambling is in my blood. When there’s a will there’s a way and I was en route for some fast cash….

Introduction to Krakatoa Trade

72 hours ago I opened a random email which at first I thought was just spam. It introduced me to Binary Trading. Binary Options Trading is a simple means of gambling on the stock market. You place simple bets over set expiry times for prices of a certain stock / currency pair / exchange to either rise (Call) or fall (Put). I did some basic research and within an hour or so began trading. I have thoroughly enjoyed the past three days and being a bit of an internet junkie, I decided to set up a blog-based website to record my activities. The aim of Krakatoa Trade is to provide me a diary of what I’ve been up to as I learn this new line of work. Also, I felt I would open it up to the public, to maybe educate and help people who might use this form of trading to line their own pockets. I’m sure it will be an adventure whatever the outcome. Your feedback is encouraged and any help you may be able to offer me in my quest for financial success would be very much obliged. Thanks. Enjoy Krakatoa Trade!

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