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A Disastrous Second Day Of Trading

I woke up feeling refreshed and keen to learn more about Binary Options. I set up accounts with three other brokers. I was trying to get the new robot I’d purchased working but couldn’t link it up to my accounts. The glowing lines on the trading graphs enticed me in and I couldn’t wait to start making money. I got involved. Automatically I was chasing losses. I started betting on silly things like one minute expiries and losing cash quickly. At the touch of the button you can fry your money so easily. I discovered what doubling up did and when s trade started initially going in the wrong direction, I thought it’s OK, it will turn, I’ll just take a better price now and double up. I was going in at $100 a trade. With the new brokers I’d got between 50% and 100% signup bonuses so there was plenty of funds to play with. I looked into these bonuses and apparently you can’t withdraw until you’ve completed 20 times the bonus amount in trade volume, so it is a bit of a con… JUST WATCH OUT!

I realised I knew very little and needed help. I’d been hearing a lot about signals and after a bit of surfing, found what seemed a reputable firm, promising 75% success rates. For $14, I got a 14 day trial period of texts to my phone and emails, advising me what options to take. I thought I had it sealed and started backing the signals, but only about 33% of them were proving successful.

After a long and frustrating day where I was chasing losses from the start, I finally exhausted literally all my money. In two days of trading I had lost £800 (about $1200), more if you include the bonuses that had disappeared also. I felt depressed and saddened, but I was still keen on this new line of work. I know that money can be made on these markets. I just had to do my research. It was back to the drawing board. I wouldn’t be able to trade for real money for a week or two when my bank funds allowed it. I thought I’d use my time wisely and plan and research. One of the earliest ideas that came to me was to create this website. I had hoards of emails flying in and was surfing the web in every direction. I wanted a blog-based site where I could record information for my own use as much as anything else. Krakatoa Trade was born and I had to recoup my early losses. It was time to hit the books.

Introduction to Krakatoa Trade

72 hours ago I opened a random email which at first I thought was just spam. It introduced me to Binary Trading. Binary Options Trading is a simple means of gambling on the stock market. You place simple bets over set expiry times for prices of a certain stock / currency pair / exchange to either rise (Call) or fall (Put). I did some basic research and within an hour or so began trading. I have thoroughly enjoyed the past three days and being a bit of an internet junkie, I decided to set up a blog-based website to record my activities. The aim of Krakatoa Trade is to provide me a diary of what I’ve been up to as I learn this new line of work. Also, I felt I would open it up to the public, to maybe educate and help people who might use this form of trading to line their own pockets. I’m sure it will be an adventure whatever the outcome. Your feedback is encouraged and any help you may be able to offer me in my quest for financial success would be very much obliged. Thanks. Enjoy Krakatoa Trade!

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