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Useful Tools for Chart Analysis: Fibonacci and Moving Averages


When I first started trading, I was looking at graphs and sort of just guessing trends – are they bullish or bearish, or flat? Guesswork is no good. You have to learn when to enter a market, when to get out and learn what the candlestick graphs are actually showing. In my research today, I found out about Fibonacci and Moving Averages. Both are useful tools to implement on your trading graphs as by understanding how to use them properly you will know when to enter the market. They explain almost perfectly the underlying trends on the graphs. Below are three good vides that are well worth watching. There are more good videos in the Video section of this site which you can access using the above menu.

A Fresh Start – Back Trading


Well, my finances have recovered slightly and I’m back in the game. As of tomorrow, I’m investing $500 in Banc De Binary – That $500 will be doubled to $1000 with the signup bonus so I shall have a nice balance to play with. I’ve been researching the best brokers and Banc De Binary are consistently reviewed as being the best. I’ve had a good chat with one of the advisors there and he’s filled me full of confidence.

To help me with signals and to help learn how to trade properly, I’ve also signed up with Binary Options Free or Intellitraders – They’re going to give me pro signals to advise me on my trades and I look forward to the 75% return rate they promise. I shall keep you informed of how the trading goes. I have decided to tweet all my results so you’ll be able to see for yourselves, how, on a daily basis, my profit / loss goes.

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